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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2018 12:15am-12:31am CET

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anything at all. is real peace and possibility. one team. not for god d. w.'s november focus. to. do it means their classic go win over buyers keep them in the book is the guest full physician the black and yellow look primed to defraud the defending champions i'm chris harrison here's a fact all things match day eleven welcome to the but as they go on d w let's get right to it defeated in a five goal thriller is something rotten in the state bar new nick is any each catching up to the league's oldest team the title chase looks wide open also sunday sacks. two sides had
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a chance or hurdle over by in the standings leipsic had home field advantage against lackluster labor couzin and frankfurt welcome to stutter insult could tell so were the home sides motivated to move up. for that more i'm not alone joining me in the studio for sunday's powwow are former professional footballer and a hof in hives head of international relations and scouting looks fine and still welcome back how are you let's very well thank you farai glad to hear it and we have our very own jonathan cray our but is the expert are you ready they dive right in j c i'm really looking forward to it stay chris ok now let's start with a classic up a back and forth battle in a dortmund way three two over byron munich now before we get reaction from you both here's a look back at the match. roy's level at the store that is eight fold this season royce called the match a top performance for both sides bar goalkeeper looked
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a bit slow pushed off his left foot. i don't mean super sub taco bell taso got noise and i saw situation and forced him to go wrong the wrong direction that was out custer's eight goals this season as well. so that was an exciting match let's all start with you was that the match you expected to see even more than i could expect to be honest it was a brilliant game of football i think the best game so far of the whole season and in the day i think it was a true advertisement for the june bonus legal worldwide ok a lot of people are saying that i do think the result was a matter of by and just running out of gas in the second half or what do you credit the win i don't think it was a question of power i think by many goals counterattacked by their opposition in a position stadium so it was kind of like the pace of brewster dome and who really killed them i would call it a little bit of naive the face. being. ok the bad nachos did you see you know i
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know jane said she looked like it went over the pitch very freely like that do you think by i need to speed up in their defense. they looked like it because the way the sun children post tools that time it was actually scary but i think a lot of players have that problem when these kind of speed like police think of calls like that and you're doing that i think is just the p.c. they really create game do so do a little played and it's very attractive difficult to defend but a belief that bruce adult would have a lack of experience of that kind of typifies isn't the problem that the member for by and the contrast to do when the player like sancerre just breezing pos terminals one example there of how bad it is for buying at the moment. and i know you've been scouring social media what are some of declassified reactions what stood out to you but a lot of the fans taking glee by in the misery of the moment one found the post a picture of you because of this in a friend saying i'm coming soon i'm coming soon of course has got them out of
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trouble last season but it was the most of the joy belonging to bersih dortmund we've seen many players posting pictures from inside the dressing room after the game you can see that one there of course first time in the base in bahrain in two years and the last time up by munich came to dortmund is behind in italy they lost one that was in two thousand and twelve months on so when the both of the omens are on that side and then of course the importance of this one we can see someone putting these traits up here don't now seven points ahead of by and munich from river e had the number seven shaved into his head of course that's his number but someone saying really kind frankly that for every shape the number seven is had said the number of points by an a behind brits you don't win watts man and of course that gap now it could have been one point of course that by and one with seven a real six points that day two and in the driving seat now looks over to you know a patient seems to be the buzz word coming out of the by a camp when it comes to. nico kovacs is job security are you buying that yeah i buy
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it i believe that at the moment it's a safe job but in unison they have by munich is out there to win titles i see the season is a way of some kind of a transition they know they need to change faces next season they know they need to bring in fresh blood face the play is and i think for the time i even believe you could say for the rest of the season but whatever happens next year there will be lots of changes for sure because fine really don't add anyone hours to ten zero over say in the summer they missed out on a fear that august thomas turkel for example he would buy and even now well look it's a simple thing i mean by many clues that they want to chairman speaking coach before the start of the season they got that a lot of the german speaking coaches they wanted were not anymore for grabs so much came in but right now changing everything again who would be on the market who really could do that job i don't see anybody at the moment in germany being free for that and bring again in a foreign coach is a complete different system different philosophy i don't think they will do it at
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this moment in time. closing out mass to eleven were two teams looking to leapfrog byard in the standings and both sides had a c.f.l. support either frankfurt welcome one of the league's worst off insisted talent but first the league's best if it are the lives that were looking to extend their string of clean sheets versus laver q's. frank nicks red bulls had their foot on the gas from the get go in the twenty seventh minute diego damage teeing up yousif polson to open the scoring confusion in the les because in defense and paulson saw his opening and pounced. play because and didn't look any better in the second half look at klosterman making it to kneel in the sixty eighth minute his first goal of the season in his one hundred competitive game for leipsic keeper lucas read s.d. with no chance and shortly before the end polson struck again just cements the win
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the game six goal of the campaign three nailed the final score. team is doing an outstanding job right now we're playing really good football we can be satisfied going into the international break and she pulls. it took a good hour for frankfurt to flex their muscles against shaka on terror a bitch laying off to look a yo bitch who knitted his goal of the season in the sixty first minutes. and twelve minutes later yoav edge back to his ninth. across from philip caustics and yo bitch hammered home the goal makes him the league's top scorer shaka came agonizingly close when you even konoplyanka was denied by the woodwork. and then a frankfurt corner led to some pinball in the box with yo bitches shot saved by row famine and sebastian i larry able to fire in the rebound three male the final score and the win puts frankfurt ahead of by him unique in fourth place. let's take
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a look at the table and how vose results affect by or don't mean states up after their big win day classic over and mighty bad actually get bumped down a fifth after those wins by at leipsic in frankfurt in the bottom half no big changes the bottom three teams all won their matches but that wasn't enough to lift them out of the danger zone so as. just seen the standings let's over to you do you believe the table tells us that it's time for a change of the guard is buyer going to be three dethrone this season it tells us that it hasn't been as tight for many many years. the teams in front of but i mean you know like light saeco like gruesome and don't think they day yet to really take the grown away from them but if a team can do it it will be proof of the wound and i can actually imagine that it will go on for the rest of the season then two fighting for the top spot however i
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still believe the big match mentality will snap in again this season even though bruce would do it and place them much more attractive football right you know they do but last season we saw their success and then we did see a dip in form now over to you john and i know you've been crunching the numbers when it comes to buying the defending champions in brucia don't mean what is your research uncovered well i may disagree with that as i don't think by mean you have got what it takes the season to win the burn as they go anymore and i think we can see that with some of these stats obviously we know you know they've kept faith in a lot of the older players and they do have the oldest average squads in the bundesliga twenty seven point four don't force the youngest don't win prize of covered more distance than bonds ever what's your team hoffenheim number one in that one but the key stats to me actually this is this goes and shorts in conversion rates by about the most shots so far and eleven dames but that conversion rate way down to eleven the rule is dortmund only eighteen times of shots but they have the best conversion rate in the league basically by not taking
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their chances are in so many blanks i guess a case of that now looks as they head of scouting in hoffenheim is this a matter of buyer just having a botched transfer policy in scouting system i mean what can buying do to correct their issue because they have so many old players where all of the young talent. it's entrance issue i mean to resign rebury and rob and i think it was a statement they they wanted to make i personally would try to go for the. if so much for the interest ability they really can buy whoever they want in the bonus legal and even in europe so i think it's just now the dry time they will watch the season maybe really they don't win the title but next season they will bring in lots of fresh blood they will bring in top names again and in the years to come by and unique count pushed off the bottom of the top it's nearly impossible because that club is the one of the biggest clubs in europe and that's for me
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a bit unfortunate because i would like to see a bit more action of war games like yesterday because it just was absolutely amazing now speaking of transfer policies let's talk about. that now clearly they had a signing that's paid off you know player what a player and what a performance let's talk to me more about this individual that has striking proficiency there indeed i mean look. by anyone they like and they haven't done that in fact they're saying they're not going to do that until next summer whereas clearly identified this is the gap we have in our team we need someone who can get us goals they brought in player and he has kind of repaid them and and more than repay them in fat free goes yes it's a brilliant performance brilliant signing well thanks for your input i hate to do it to you fellows but that's all the bullets think i like to think my guests former professional footballer and head of international relations in scouting. still and very old but as they go reporter john praying for me and the rest of the team here
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in berlin. after a year in the hof in poland the french president emmanuel mccall is getting more and more unpopular nothing he does seems to stop the slide my guest here in london is the french m.p. alexander holroyd a member of the president's all mushed party he has a seat on the parliament's finance committee how can the president of boost to see him reach the head of crucial elections to the european solomons next year.
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to discover who. subscribe to a documentary on youtube. after a year and a half in power of the french president emanuel is getting more and more unpopular nothing he does seems to stop the slide my guest here in london is the french m.p. alexander holroyd a member of the president's amash party he has a seat on the parliament's finance committee how can the president boost to see him reach behavior of crucial elections to the european parliament next year.


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